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Secure Your Online Shopping Experience

Summary: Even when multiple malls are opening their doors in the city with great offers, the Internet continues to play a major role in how people shop for products. Not only do shoppers look for brand reviews on the Internet, but they also prefer to shop online! Online shopping is the current trend where people shop for essential commodities, luxuries, books, electronics and accessories from the comfort of their homes. With every brand having its dedicated online store, life is made even simpler for people willing to shop online.

Most of the websites for online shopping tend to follow a regular procedure. First, you select the required products from the brands of your choice and add them to your shopping cart. Once your cart is populated, you have to make an online payment through your credit card. All your items are delivered to your door step for free!

What are the concerns in online shopping?

As in any software, online shopping websites are also prone to attacks from hackers and malware. However, there are many ways in which you can secure your online shopping experience.

To begin with, you have to ensure that your browser is associated with the required anti phishing features. Most browsers offer anti phishing features so that you do not leave any information exposed on the Internet.

When there are innumerable websites for online shopping, the website you choose for shopping should be a legitimate one. The VeriSign logo on the home page of the website is an indication that you have chosen a legitimate online store.

While on an online shopping spree, you are spoilt for choices! You should always compare for prices and look for discounts. There are websites that offer special discounts to certain credit cards when you shop for a particular amount. However, the safety of your credit card transaction and the information that you provide while shopping online is always a major concern. All legitimate sites encrypt the data you submit so that it cannot be retrieved by any means. The current trend is to use virtual credit cards while shopping online. These virtual credit cards have numbers that are valid only for a single transaction. Even if a hacker gets his hands on the information of your virtual credit card, it is no longer valid for further transaction. This way you are ensured of complete safety while you do your online shopping!


Online Shopping: The Fast and Easy Way to Shop

Summary: Online shopping is a quick and easy way to do your shopping. It not only saves time, but also saves money and labor that a non-online shopping would have cost you. However, like all the best things in the world, shopping online too requires some caution on part of the shopper. Knowing a few tricks would help you do a secure shopping as well as get the best out of online shopping. So here are the tips.

Some Tips For Online Buying:

1. Do an intensive search before swooping in on the website where you want to buy from. This will help you pick the best product as well as the best brand. It is important to read reviews of the different websites, written by customers.

2. Buy at secure websites only. This is important, as otherwise your account may be exposed to risks. Check if the site link starts with an ìsî after http. This indicates that the site is secure.

3. Check out auction sites. On these online shopping sites you can get deals that are much less harsh on your wallet. You may even get exciting rare products which are not manufactured any more.

4. Do not ever use your debit card or check card while shopping online. This is again very important, because if your account gets hacked money can be withdrawn from your bank account. You obviously do not want to go broke and get into trouble that could have been easily avoided.

Some more tips for online shopping:

5. Set up a pay pal or money bookers account for online purchase. Some websites require you to do this, and setting up such an account is pretty easy.

6. Make sure you receive credit card alerts. This way you will know about the financial activities of your account. Look hard to find out whether you are being overcharged or somebody else is using your account.

7. The sites you use must be reliable in terms of customer service. So check for their records so that you do not have to worry in case there is a delay in shipping the products you have paid for.

8. Do not use the same passwords. If your online shopping password and bank account passwords are the same, then in case your shopping account gets hacked, your bank account passwords too will become known to the fraudsters.

9. Use cell phone applications, as they are easy to use and are fast.

10. Make sure you read the privacy policy statements of the website you are buying from.